How to Start a Crypto Assets with Stellar Walk!



This article is written for those who are wondering how to get started with cryptocurrencies.
Firstly, we recommend starting your cryptocurrency journey with Stellar Walk!
In this article, we’ll explain the basics while defining key terms for beginners.

Can I Earn with Stellar Walk?

The cryptocurrency you receive in Stellar Walk can be exchanged for money.
In Stellar Walk, you can receive cryptocurrency much like rewards programs.

Here’s a rough overview of the process:

Prepare to get started with cryptocurrency
Collect cryptocurrency with Stellar Walk
Exchange cryptocurrency for USD
Stellar Walk is a rewards programs, where you can get free cryptocurrency!


Let’s quickly look at the minimum knowledge required to handle cryptocurrencies.

About Cryptocurrency

Whether it’s called Cryptocurrency or Crypto Asset, both mean the same thing.
When we talk about crypto assets, Bitcoin is the most famous, but there are also other types of crypto assets aside from Bitcoin.
Examples include Ethereum, Ripple, and so on. One of these is Stellar Lumens.
All of these hold value worldwide, and you can exchange them for dollars at places called exchanges.

So, Stellar Lumens can be exchanged for real money, right?


An exchange is a place or service where you can exchange crypto assets for fiat currencies.
Binance and Coinbase are well-known exchanges.

About Symbols Like XLM

Bitcoin is represented as BTC, Ethereum as ETH and so on, these characters are called ticker symbol. The ticker symbol for Stellar Lumens is XLM.

Ticker Symbol
These symbols are set by each exchange for easy notation even for coins with long names. However, there is a trend to unify these symbols across all exchanges. In the past, in 2017, there was a bit of confusion as some exchanges represented Bitcoin Cash as BCH while others represented it as BTT.

About How to Store Crypto Assets

Just as we keep cash and coins in our wallets, crypto assets also have wallets. These crypto wallets are called wallets. Exchanges can serve as wallets, so you don’t need to prepare a separate wallet except when necessary.

Strictly speaking, it’s not the exchanges themselves that are wallets, but exchanges manage a wallet for each user by dividing it with a memo-like string. The exchange’s wallet is often referred to as a hot wallet, while a wallet stored on personal devices like iPhones is called a cold wallet.

About Sending and Receiving Crypto Assets

When transferring real money, we go through procedures at a bank or operate ATMs. Similarly, in crypto assets, we can easily send and receive coins using wallets. There is a number to identify where to send crypto assets, etc. This number is called a address.

There are mainly two types of numbers for an address: one is the public address, and the other is the private key. Even if the public address is known to someone else, coins cannot be stolen from your wallet.
So that’s why Stellar Walk uses the XLM public address.


There are various exchanges, but let’s start by registering with the easiest and most famous one, Binance.

Once you’ve registered, the next step is to prepare your wallet. Please see here for the steps to prepare your wallet on Binance.

参考 How to Create a Stellar Lumens (XLM) Wallet – Stellar WalkDoshBlog

From the Binance app, you should be able to prepare an address and memo like below.


This is a sample address. Please use your own address.

Now you’re ready to use Stellar Walk, and you’ve learned some of the terminology! It’s perfectly fine to jump in and buy any cryptocurrency you like, but it might be a good idea to first get some free XLM on Stellar Walk and get a feel for cryptocurrency.

Yay! You’re now ready to start!


Stellar Walk is available on the App Store and Google Play! It’s free, so you can experience cryptocurrency without the risk of losing money!

Please check out this article for a detailed explanation on how to use it.
参考 Stellar Walk - How to Use the App – Stellar WalkDoshBlog


Cryptocurrencies fluctuate in value daily, so they may go up or down in value. However, when you actually touch cryptocurrency, you’ll see a fun and convenience that is different from point sites. Try using Stellar Walk along with your favorite point reward apps.

Bye bye!



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