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Getting Started

Stellar Walk is a service where you can earn a cryptocurrency called Stellar Lumen (Currency code: XLM) by walking and collecting “Gems”. This article will explain in more detail how to use Stellar Walk.

Stellar Walk – Earn Cryptocurrency Just by Walking!

You can download it on App Store and Google Play!


In order to use the app, you need your own wallet to receive the XLM rewards. For instructions on how to prepare your wallet, please refer to another article.

参考 How to Create a Stellar Lumens (XLM) Wallet – Stellar WalkDoshBlog

How to Use the App

The basic flow of the app is as follows:

  1. Walk to each step goal and collect “Gems”
  2. At the end of the month, on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of the following month, send Gems to the Center
  3. XLM arrives in your wallet between the 4th and 10th

Walk to Each Step Goal and Collect Gems

Every time you walk to your goal steps, you can receive a Capsule. There is a certain amount of Gems inside the Capsule. By watching ads, you can earn 5 times more Gems than usual. If you can earn more Gems, it can also lead to increased XLM rewards, so it’s a feature you’ll definitely want to use.

Capsules remain in stock up to 3 times once you tap to collect, and they will not disappear even if the date changes. However, for Capsules that were not tapped to collect, the opportunity to earn them will disappear if they are not collected on the same day, so don’t forget to collect your Capsules within the day!

Send Gems to the Center to Apply

At the beginning of the month, on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, you can send the Gems you’ve accumulated so far to the Center and apply to receive XLM.

About the Center

The Center collects Gems that are excavated on various planets.
As a thank you to the Stellar Walkers who have gathered Gems, they distribute XLM.
※ XLM transfers use the Stellar Network and are designed to be conducted equitably based on the number of Gems.

The following is an example of applying for the Gems walked in April on May 1st.

Select "Application to Exchange" from the Exchange Tab

Enter your Wallet Address
※For apps like Keybase, it’s OK to leave the MEMO field blank if it’s not required!

Please enter the address and memo of your prepared XLM wallet.
We cannot provide support due to the nature of blockchain if you make a mistake, so please be careful.
If your wallet doesn’t require a MEMO, it must be completely blank (no spaces).
Confirm the Address and Swipe Up

Request Complete!

After applying, wait for the XLM to arrive from the Center.
You can check the contents of your application from “Exchange History” under “STEP 4” in the “Exchange” tab.

※This image is sample.

Exchange History

The Center announces a report on XLM receipts per Gem once a month. It is announced in the “Notice” view in the app.
Also, be sure to check for announcements of events on official Twitter and other platforms.


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