Lottery Planet v2 Roadmap for iOS – Stellar Walk


Thank you for always using the Stellar Walk app.
Stellar Walk app, released for iOS in January 2022, will celebrate its 2nd anniversary in 2024 🎉

Therefore, we plan to release the enhanced version, “Lottery Planet v2,” within 2024 to further power up the ‘Lottery Planet’ feature implemented in the iOS version. Here, we introduce the roadmap towards the new feature announcement.


I’m ready for the big move!

Roadmap Introduction

① About Mike’s Moving Feature

The new Lottery Planet v2, more fun and unique than previous lotteries, will be Mike’s new home planet.

Moving to the new planet will take some time. Let’s support Mike’s relocation by giving 🐟 “Mike’s Snacks”!

Collecting “Mike’s Snacks” ※1 might bring you benefits with the new features to be released in the future…! ※2

※1 “Mike’s Snacks” are not directly related to XLM distribution.
※2 The use of “Mike’s Snacks” in future features is under development and may not necessarily guarantee advantages in the app or game.

With the completion of Mike’s moving, we plan to sequentially release the Lottery Planet v2, ② Fluffy Memory Feature, and ③ Reckless Purpose Feature.

② About the Fluffy Memory Feature

In the Stellar Walk app, there’s a collection element of gathering monthly changing gems .

Here, we plan to develop and introduce new features that will become more of a “memory” to look forward to!

③ About the Reckless Purpose Feature

The Stellar Walk app, utilizing steps for gameplay, plans to develop and introduce a new feature with a slightly quirky and fun “specific purpose.” Stay tuned!


In the Stellar Walk app, even beginners can earn the cryptocurrency XLM for free.
While we prioritize our main function, we also cherish the daily walking memories and records in our app.
We aim to continue developing and operating to deliver new features that can become little memories by using our app.

There might be some deviations from the roadmap. However, the development team is committed to working hard!


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