What to Do if You Can’t Use the App Even After Granting Health Access – Stellar Walk for iOS



This article provides a solution for when the “Access Permission to Health is Required” message doesn’t disappear in the ‘Stellar Walk’ iPhone app, even after granting access to Health.

Check beforehand
‘Stellar Walk’ works with Health to steps.
To check whether it is linked with Health, please refer to the following article.
参考 How to Grant Access Permission to Health – Stellar Walk for iOSDoshBlog

Check if Data is Being Recorded in Health

Please verify if the step count data is being properly recorded in the Health app.
If the number of steps displayed in Health is 0, there’s a possibility that it’s set to not record steps.

Open the Settings App

Scroll and Tap on "Privacy"

Tap on "Motion & Fitness"

Turn ON the Switch for Fitness Tracking

Take a Walk
Take a short walk and check if the step count is being correctly recorded in the Health app.

Now, you should be able to use the ‘Stellar Walk’ app!


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