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This article will introduce the details and specifications of the Lottery Planet.

What is the Lottery Planet?

※ Prize board conducted in June 2022

The “Lottery Planet” event is held irregularly in the Stellar Walk app. If you are lucky, you can win XLM as a prize. With the addition of this Lottery feature, the app can now be enjoyed in a new way.


As always, I’m going to save up lots of Gems and get XLM!


Play the Lottery, play my luck, and I’ll get XLM!

You can play in the Lottery by purchasing tickets with Gems you’ve saved up in the app. Of course, the only requirement for purchasing tickets is the Gems you’ve saved up in the app, so anyone can play for free. Let’s look at the specific participation procedures and points to note.

Consumption of Gems
The aim of the Center is to reduce the overall number by having Gems burned (consumed) in the Lottery, thereby increasing the value at the final distribution for conversion to XLM.

How to Play

To play in the Lottery, you first need to receive a Ticket. At this time, Gems are consumed only once.

Go to the Lottery Planet

Select the "Ticket" tab and proceed to address entry

Enter your address for receiving the prize

Check the fee and tap the button

Receipt of Ticket completed!
With one Lottery Ticket, you can record up to 6 Lottery Numbers.

What if I receive a ticket?

Once you’ve received a Ticket, your goal during the period is to acquire Lottery Numbers. You can earn a Number by reaching the target of 5,000 steps and watching an ad. You can earn up to 6 Lottery Numbers, and the draw is conducted with these Numbers. Of course, those who have more Numbers are more likely to win prizes.
※ The Center records these advertisements as costs for Lottery prizes.

You can purchase Tickets during the Lottery period, but be careful as the Numbers you did not receive that day will expire.

※ Example: If you start the Lottery held on June 20 on the 21st

It can be said that it is more profitable to participate from the first day of the Lottery start as you can get more Numbers! Also, you will receive a push notification from the Center when the Lottery starts, so it’s a good idea to set this up.

About the Schedule

The Lottery has a Event Period and a Drawing Day. The Event Period means that the Lottery Numbers you collected during this time will be drawn and distributed on and after the “Drawing day“.
※ This drawing and distribution may take some time. Please be aware of this.

Once the drawing and distribution by the Center is complete, you can check the winning numbers from the “Home” tab. Look forward to the results!




With the Lottery feature, which provides a chance to earn more XLM than usual, you can enjoy the app in your own style. Use the feature wisely and earn XLM on your daily walks.


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