About Wallet Activation in Stellar Lumens



In this article, we will discuss the technical specification known as the activation of Stellar Lumens wallets.
Stellar Lumens is one of the most user-friendly crypto projects, complete with documentation and SDKs for developers.

About Wallet Activation

The Stellar network is flexible, with a feature that allows anyone to easily create a wallet for the network.
However, if malicious individuals create a massive amount of wallets on the Stellar network, it can put a heavy load on the network.

To prevent this kind of network load, when you create an XLM wallet for the first time and make it capable of sending and receiving funds, 1 XLM is consumed. This is referred to as wallet activation.
This activation is consumed internally by the Stellar network, and is not collected by service providers using the Stellar network, such as exchanges.
Once activated, you can use it without any more XLM being deducted.

The target is wallets that don’t require memos

These are individual wallets created in apps and the like, not exchange wallets.
For more specifics on what this includes, please check the following as well.
参考 Need a Memo? Don’t Need One? About the XLM Wallet – Stellar LumensDoshBlog


To make actual transfers and deposits with a Stellar Lumens wallet, it is necessary to activate the wallet. This is done for the protection of Stellar.
The reason why wallet activation is not necessary for transfers and deposits made at each exchange is because the exchanges have already completed the initial activation.


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