Need a Memo? Don’t Need One? About the XLM Wallet – Stellar Lumens



When depositing in Stellar Lumens, you may be asked to fill out a Memo.
This article explains with examples when this Memo is necessary.

About Two Types of Wallets

There are two types of wallets as follows: ※1

Memo Required Wallet

This type is common in managed exchanges. It’s like an apartment in the sense that everyone has the same address, but XLM Memo are used to distinguish between different ‘rooms’.
For this type of wallet, it’s always necessary to enter the specified Memo.
If you make a mistake with this Memo or don’t enter anything, you won’t be able to properly receive your coins.

Memo Not Required Wallet

This type is common in cold wallet apps. It’s like a single-family home, where you can distinguish just by the address, so a Memo is not necessary. Also, the Memo should be left blank.
You should not include any characters, including spaces.

In Memo-not-required Wallets, activation is necessary first.
For more information about activation, please check this article.
参考 About Wallet Activation in Stellar LumensDoshBlog

※1 Strictly speaking, there are no “two types of wallets” distinguished within the Stellar network.

What kind of wallet applies?

If your exchange or wallet is not listed in this image, please follow their instructions.

About Filling in the Memo

If the wallet requires a Memo, filling in the Memo as instructed is correct,
and if the wallet does not require a Memo, not writing anything in the Memo is the correct method.

This XLM Memo is not a ‘memo field’ for you to fill in freely so you can understand it better, like bank transfers and such! This is an important item indicating the recipient, so avoid including unnecessary characters (including spaces).


We’ve learned that Stellar Lumens has two types of wallets: those that require a Memo and those that don’t.
And it’s crucial to correctly fill in the Memo for each type.

As it’s noted on the exchanges, if you make a mistake with this Memo, you will not be able to make the correct deposit. It’s crucial to always verify whether it’s correct by yourself.


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